Sorry blog…

I apologise for how neglected you’ve been over the past year. In a world where social media consumes such a vast quantity of my online time, the long form post has been dying a slow death. Where we formerly posted albums of holidays, we now settle for an individual instagram.  Where we once wrote blog posts, a tweet should suffice. Where we may have sent texts we now exclusively use WhatsApp. 

All that said, I still enjoy writing. I’m still developing my ability to write and over the next year I intend to be writing more. Producing more  actually. Since February this year I have been taken by the vlogging storm and have collected almost 850gb of footage across a number of locations. I intend to put some of this to good use at some point and maybe even go public with it.

Hopefully this doesn’t just remain loose words and I can produce some more anecdotal musings to share with whomever may be happy to read. Now sitting in a permenant role with work, moving in with my partner and embarking on a ridiculous triathlon hobby, I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to do this. However having consumed perhaps a bit too much journalism and media in recent months, I’ve regained interest in putting the pen to the pad. By which I mean typing.