Half Marathon Registration and Illness

Well the past two weeks have been absolutely awful from a training point of view. I came down with a horrible cold that saw me coughing, struggling to breathe with asthma symptoms and just facially dripping. It was awful and I got absolutely zero training done.  I think for the first time since owning my fitbit I didn’t get over 5,000 steps for like a week.

Anyway all better now so that’s in the past. I’ve had a pretty good week far and have swapped focus to running for now as myself and Alex have registered for Newport Half Marathon which will be my first ever long distance race. It’s on the 6th of March and I’ve got a 3 month training plan that I’ve largely ignored for the first week. I’ve ignored the Monday rest day and replaced that with a 5km run around Bristol harbour, followed by an hour and twenty minute session of “sports/intervals” down at the sports hall. Fairly low intensity mind you but none the less a pretty heavy day. Tuesday I decided to reward myself with a day off and a burrito, which incidentally is a good day to get a burrito because you get double stamps on the loyalty card! Wednesday, I was asked if I wanted to go on a run with a chap from the office who recently completed the Bristol – Bath Marathon. I figured it would be a chilled lunchtime run but it ended up a fairly intense 10.2km with 125m of Incline. The Zig-Zag trail up to the Clifton Suspension bridge is not for the light hearted and I think it took it out of me for the next kilometer or so. We followed the bridge over to Ashton Court and then did a decent loop back to the office. 54 minutes or so of running made for a good lunchtime and it was worth it because when I got back I ate so much and it was incredible. I was pretty chuffed with the time all in all because of the really steep incline and the only 10k I’ve ran that isn’t my Prestatyn beach run.

Now my Bupa training plan reckons I should have done 4 runs this week and one cross train. I’m on track to do 4 runs, a swim and a bike including my Tuesday off. I’m looking to make sure that I get a weights session in at some point as well for a little conditioning but as usual I’m conscious not to over train at this early stage in my fitness antics.

Winter really is putting a dampener on things and at some point I’d like to be getting out on the flood route in Usk to get some hills and mileage in but it’s never light. Solstice on the 22nd and then things should be looking up, or cold. One of the two, probably both actually. I’m actually now off work until New Year so I can probably pick up swimming, biking and running for further distances up until that point. I’ve also just finished reading the Brownlee Brothers book: “Swim, Bike, Run”. Inspirational to say the least but they’ve had the perfect upbringing for it. Something makes me wish I’d kept at swimming lessons a little longer than the point where you pick up a brick in your pajamas. Maybe it would of been nice to show some interest in anything other than technology when I was younger as well. Something very clear to me is that they the time they put into Triathlon is beyond what I ever could, especially whilst holding a full time job. Alistair gets in at least 6-7 hours of Swimming a week and between 7-10 hours running. I’m not even close to either of those at the moment and would probably be looking at building up to 10 hours of training a week collectively across the three disciplines.

Anyway looking forward to the Newport Half!