10km Progress and Plan

So it’s safe to say my distance running is at its best ever at the moment but I am by no means content with it. I’ve managed to sink my 10 kilometer time down each time I’ve ran it which is currently about once a month.



Soon I intend to start following a plan of some sorts probably adapted from one of the triathlon magazine websites such as 220 so that I can build a good fitness level, exceeding that of the requirements for sprint distance triathlon. Perhaps aim for Olympic level fitness by end of next season ready to dive right in for 2017. I don’t think there is a 1 size fits all type plan out of the ones I’ve seen as they seem to be for people who have the exact same routine 365 days a year.


One thing I do need to take from these plans and more experienced runners/swimmers/cyclists is drills and proper training. There is a habit of, swim the distance, run the distance, cycle the distance, then go a bit further in the hope I can replicate all three on race day. It’s working for getting fitter at the moment but I’m told drills will boost my speed. It never occurred to me that swimming 5 sets of 100m with 20s rest periods would be helpful. Also every time I go out for a 5 or 10 kilometre run I tend to be pushing for personal bests.

The short days are also stopping me getting out on the bike in the week which is annoying. Also, once a month I nick my Dads BMW Z3 and drive to North Wales to see Mrs TimFord.co.uk and that could lead to me only cycling 3 times a month. That isn’t going to cut it. I may have to give up on the idea of only doing running and cycling outside and during the colder months get used to going to sit on a static bike and use the treadmill. How awful.

I’m pretty sure I need to introduce a bike to run brick workout just to get the joints used to transition and squeeze two sports into a day. With swimming at 6am on Thursdays the temptation is to workout after work however I’m extremely conscious not to over train. After all this is the first time in my life I’ve been training 5-6 days a week and in all honesty I’m not sure I can eat enough to keep my weight up if I doubled up training.

For now it certainly seems my running is the strongest aspect of my fitness and I will continue to build on that alongside a weekly weights conditioning session, swim and bike ride. I need to adjust how I train and potentially bring in some bricks to make the most of the time I spend training.