The homeless banker

Currently I have absolutely nowhere to live. I am on a graduate scheme at one of the UKs leading banking and financial services institutions and earn a fairly decent graduate salary with pretty good company benefits.

It is then, with shame, I must admit I am currently couch surfing in Wimbledon with an old school friend due to my tenancy in Maida Vale coming to an abrupt end. 

I still have two weeks working the London office and then will make my way to Wales to stay with my Mum for a bit having packed 95% of my possessions into my girlfriends CitroĆ«n C3 last weekend. 

I’m told I’m not to stay there. I’m then going to live with my brother for two weeks and see what I think of some spare rooms.  If that fails I may look into staying back in Usk, where I was partially raised and I suppose attempted to grow up. If I decide to stay at my dads place, the affectionately called “Bin Ladens Cave”. Alas it’s probably a month off before I sign a document anywhere but that also means I’m possibly going to have a month where I don’t moan about the prospect of council tax.  Student life was too easy.