Current Windows 10 Issues.

I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to Window 10 last night. It took a long old time to install on my old ThinkPad X1 (The original,not the carbon).

There is on crucial element missing from my experience at the moment: The Windows Store. It just won’t work. I’ve also not been able to use the search function on the start menu, there is no sign of Cortana or the Edge browser and having tried many solutions to similar problems that people had on Windows 8.1. I’ve achieved nothing.


I currently receive the message “This app can’t open” – “There’s a problem with Store. Contact your system administrator about repairing or reinstalling it.”  The issue here being is that I am that person and despite exhaustively searching the internet I’ve been unable to find the solution thus far. Other applications seem to run fine, the calculator runs fine. None of the apps like Store show up in my application either. All very strange. If I find a solution I will update this post.




I’ve actually managed to fix this. After trying to no avail to reinstall all the native applications manually using this command in an elevated powershell (administrative privileges):

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
The next best thing was to download the USB memory stick creation tool for Windows installation and do a repair install. I kept all my apps and folders but this fixed the native apps, gave me access to Cortana for the first time since I blew up my Windows Phone and now I seem to have a fully functioning copy of Windows 10.
I followed this guide to get my 8GB Usb Pen up and running. I’m posting this on Edge Browser right now and it’s absolutely blazing!







So it’s been a while….

In all honesty, I don’t know if this blog has ever had a following. I don’t get many comments, I don’t track the views on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis and I don’t worry about what who I reach out to. I do look back on some of my earlier posts and think to myself how awful my style of writing has been but that’s part of getting older I think.

In my absence, I’ve now left university. I achieved a first class degree in Computer Science studying between Kingston University London and San Francisco State. As you can imagine I was fairly happy with my grade.


This brings me on to why I haven’t really been blogging as much. I have joined the Graduate Leadership Programme at Lloyds Banking Group in September of 2014 and am now in the full swing of a professional lifestyle. I’ve left Fitzrovia and now live in West London and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Actually, thinking about it, come Tuesday I will know if I will remain in London for another 6 months or whether I’ll be packing my bags and moving somewhere else in the country. As is the nature of a rotational graduate scheme. If I may correct myself again, I will definitely be packing my bags because my landlord wants her flat back. For shame.

I will be looking to pick up blogging again in the coming weeks. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and wouldn’t mind writing up some things about the books I’m reading. I’m also looking to do some projects outside of work that I’d like to write about. Believe it or not I’ve actually started regularly looking after my body as well!