Apple CarPlay Is A Good Move

I’ve pretty much left the Apple eco-system. I don’t host anything of mine with Apple, I have a Windows Phone, I use Spotify not iTunes and I can’t remember the last time I bought an App from their app store on my iPad. I do use the iPad for flipboard but less and less these days. I also use my MacBook Pros less and less.

The case for the iPhone has been reduced in recent times. It’s fascinating that people see things such as the Galaxy S3/4/5 as genuine competitors to the iPhone when only a few years ago people thought the iPhone was the only phone to have.

That’s where CarPlay comes in. Apple have announced it’s in-dash car play system that will play nice with a handful of car manufacturers such as Mercedes. I somehow don’t think that I’ll be able to get my Windows Phone to play as nice with my next cars interface.

It gives people an incentive to choose the Apple device over others. It’s perfectly in keeping with everything Apple does. It locks you in. It makes it easy to do so. You’ve got Siri which is infinitely better than any in car voice recognition, it gives your car an ongoing connection to the internet and it should be all very seamless.

Your music, your phone, your messages all in one place, Maps could be awful as we all know Apple maps is. But there is also room to have an App ecosystem in your car, something not many manufacturers currently offer because it’s a pain.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you see Mercedes and others bundling iPhones with their cars or selling them at the dealership. This is a great incentive to get people in the car market to pair with their phones. All the manufacturers have to do is give up the screen real estate.

Going forward it will be interesting to see whether the legacy systems of the cars will play an important part or if they will just be used in the background to monitor parts of the car. Automation may also change the state of Apple CarPlay because it might be hard to run two full systems side by side, even with the screen just being a slave to the iPhone.