Windows Phone 8.1 Could Be Amazing

If Windows Phone 8.1 is released for my Nokia Lumia 925, which according to WPCentral, it should be, I may have a reason never to own an android or iOS device.

I can start by saying with the black update, Windows Phone 8 got exceptionally better. The apps on the marketplace still suck an awful lot however the new APIs included in blue aim to live up to developers requirements. If that’s the case then we may see developers making some cool things for Windows Phone. There is also a move to make the APIs for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 rather similar giving developers further incentive.

They are finally adding a notification center and quick controls. That’ll be very nice seeing as I am a hotspot user and often get hung up with captive portals when I’d rather just use 4G when I’m walking around London. Quickly turning off wifi will sort this.

Slow motion Camera is something that has been mentioned, I think it would be awesome to have this feature seeing as the camera on my 925 is already exceptional.

There is a lot of potential from this operating system update however, most of it has been a long time coming and it’s stuff Google and Apple have had for a long time. It’s just the more that is added to Windows Phone the more competitive it becomes. It’s already growing in Europe and I believe it has the potential to be a firm third place operating system.