An Open Letter About The Vision



Dear all,

My name is Tim and I am a partner here at BoosterAds and I’d like to help to try and explain our vision. I was born in Newport an have lived in Wales for most of my life. Two years ago, I moved away for University. I have spent the previous two years in London and San Francisco. Both of which have bustling online marketplaces that operate in similar ways to BoosterAds.

In San Francisco, online buy and sell markets are absolutely massive. Upon arrival at my flat in San Francisco, I had absolutely nothing but what I could bring across from the UK in a suitcase. I basically had clothes. I had no idea about the city, where I could buy things or how much anything was going to cost me. In fact, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities on earth and as a student, I certainly couldn’t afford to go and buy a TV and a video games console like many of my American counterparts. I turned to the web and with 3 days I had a furnished house that felt like a home. This was all done based on meeting people and purchasing things. I bought a large Sony Television for $40 (one of the old school ones that are huge) and I’ve felt so humbled by the experience I had from finding the TV to returning it to my flat. It weighed twice as much as me, when I turned up at the gents house, he helped me get the TV into a cab, gave me a Playstation and a Super Nintendo to keep me occupied (in between studying he warned) and then off I went. When I got to the other end a guy saw me struggling with the TV and helped me carry it to the flat. It was absolutely incredible.

From then on I was in love with the idea of an online buy-sell community. I bought a bike sometime later and the chap who sold it to me fixed it up for me right in front of me. The buy-sell community is just that. A community. People are genuinely there for other people, there is a human feel to every transaction. Sure, you can barter when you get there, it’s one on one and you come to a fair deal. Websites like ours are what put you in touch with people and help build communities. What I want to come from BoosterAds is a successful trading platform that puts people in touch with other people. Enthusiasts sell things between each other, whether that be chess boards or comic books, or cars and motorbikes. People can get involved and sell what they have. Not only that, but they can meet someone real.

When I lived in London, due to the population of the city, there is an equally vast buy and sell community ranging from the markets to the antique shops. We offer a platform that supports this. We offer a platform which doesn’t pull away from the car boot sale but enhances it. We offer everyone the chance to be running a car boot sale 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Other online marketplaces are much less local. On BoosterAds, postage can be arranged through your seller and buyer however your not obliged to do that. We look to bring an online marketplace to absolutely every community in Wales.

We’ve continued to think how we can improve on this again and any earnings we make here at BoosterAds we have committed 5% to go to a Welsh Charity.

The vision here is not just to create a brilliant platform to buy and sell. We are hoping to build communities and hope that the culture of buying and selling in Wales grows and grows because we know how great it can be. It also stands that too many things get thrown out, too many people are sitting on gold mines and don’t realise that. Too many things go to waste and you’ve got nothing to lose by uploading it to BoosterAds.

When I returned to Wales this year, I met with my other partners in this business and I was behind it straight away. Purely because of how brilliant I have found previous experiences with this world, how enriching an experience it can be.

It’s difficult to do something like this offline. When you’ve got furniture you don’t need, you can’t leave it on the drive with a price tag on it hoping someone who might need a sofa pop buy and get hold of it. If you stick it online, someone in your community might stumble across it. The possibilities for communities here are endless. We can enrich communities through this website and create a fantastic buy-sell environment in Wales.

I want every single person to feel that pride in community and happiness that I felt when I first bought that TV in San Francisco and I hope our platform can bring this to people throughout Wales.

We are here for Wales. We encourage all of our friends, families and communities to get behind us here for the benefit of all. For this to work we need people and communities to get involved. I want to see a Wales where there is less waste and better communities and I hope we can help provide that through BoosterAds.

All the best,


Microsoft To Buy Nokia

So Stephen Elop was a mole after all!

There’s countless opinions knocking around the web. Stephen Elop was sent to Nokia to sink it’s share price so low that Microsoft could get a bargain? Nokia was losing anyway, Elop did well to keep it going as long as he did.

Microsoft will not be making phones under the Nokia brand because they didn’t buy that part of the business. They do however own Lumia and Asha. I’ve been a rather big fan of the Windows Phone platform since I bought one out in America as my little budget phone from T-mobile. The operating system is solid despite lacking the applications that many deem essential to a successful mobile operating system in this day and age.

The acquisition proposal raises more questions than answers though. What is to become of Microsoft’s hardware divisions now? What of the Surface and RT? Will the announced future Lumia models be touted as Nokia or Microsoft devices? I still want a 1020 guys. How on earth is Microsoft going to integrate 30,000 employees into it’s company?

I personally find it fascinating that Nokia, a company continuously in the news, releasing beautiful hardware for years even after their decline and a name synonymous with mobile, globally. Especially in the developing markets. It’s sold for less than Skype by almost $1 billion. Skype was a service and back in 2005 I can’t imagine anyone betting on Skype instead of Nokia as the better company to back but here we are and despite both being bought by Microsoft, Skype sold for more. How things change.

It’s going to be an interesting year ahead for the mobile devices market. We hear countless rumours and predictions of how the technology companies are going to be taking over our wrists. Google wants you to give up your eyes to it’s Glass. Apple have pretty much released Windows Phone for iPhone after imitating a vast number of Windows Phone features. If Microsoft wants to really make Windows Phone work now it’s going to be about innovating. It’s going to be about being better than the competition because whilst Windows and Office continue to be the star products, they are losing market share. People hated Windows 8. Windows 8.1 won’t be the saving grace people are hoping for and Android despite losing market share in Europe will continue to do well.

I look forward to seeing how this pans out!