Why I Blog Less Now Than Before

When I started on the blog scene I saw it as a way to get my thoughts out there.  A way to allow people to read topics from my perspective. Something that could easily be done in the comment box on any website. But with a comment on a website, your opinion dies when the article is no longer new or up to date. When you write a blog post, it’s subject to discovery. Whether that be through a Google search, an old tweet, a website search or from a new follower. I’ve blogged on an off for almost 2 years now and I still really enjoy it but a few things have changed.

1. Growing up

The year I started blogging was before I went to university and well before I had any idea of what the world was actually about. I lived in a small town all my life and didn’t see much outside of Wales other than when I was being ultra-tourist in random cities around the globe and taking relaxing holidays in beach destinations.

It is only since going to university that I’ve realised that what you say reflects on you absolutely massively and you will be judged a lot more on what you say than what you may actually think your about. The world doesn’t just keep it’s opinions to itself either, it talks so what you say to others may effect others opinions of you as well.

So where as I say I have grown up and want to make sure I don’t want to say things that reflect on me badly online, I still want to get my opinion across because to me a person without opinions is a person without personality. Some bloggers thrive off controversial posts and extremely political debates and that’s not something I want to get into. I remember googling my User name at some point and seeing posts on forums from when I was very young and the way they were wrote in terms of wording and grammar were simply vile. My naivety and ignorance as a young adopter of the internet was not something I wanted to represent me as an adult.


2. Blog what you know

I tend to blog thoughts, opinions and happenings of my own and I tend only to do it any areas I’d like to think I know about. Mainly my personal experiences and interests. For example many of the posts on here are my opinions of future technologies and potential for large company products such as Windows 8 or new Apple products. I make it clear that what I’m saying on posts about these things is my opinion and it’s open for discussion. I enjoy the things I blog about and write about them from my point of view. In most cases I have some sort of experience with what I’m writing about, if this has not been the case in the past, I apologise.

3. Copy-Cat Blogging

There are countless blogs out there that pull thousands of visitors of posting short, pointless articles that are absolutely worthless. I’m all for sharing things you’ve seen on the web that you enjoy but directly copying posts from other blogs, showing no source or credit to the original posters is pathetic. You’ve got Twitter to post things you like in short messages, Facebook to post your photos/life events/plans etc and if you must post tiny pointless articles you’ve got Tumblr, a less formal blogging service.

I’m primarily blogging about my life and Tech, one of which I couldn’t copy from anywhere, the other absolutely loads. I see to may blogs that have just posted a new ‘article’ straight after Gizmodo or Engadget publish anything. I take time on my thoughts about certain things and I’m not here to update people on every little change in Android or each and every phone that’s coming out in the next month. No, I’ll talk about things as a whole. I’ll review Windows 8 when I have it, I’ll talk about my experience with devices and software I use, I can’t just blog about things the other tech bloggers do because I don’t have the resources, funding or time.


I’m actually likely to pick blogging up a bit more now. Moving away will be a completely new world and documenting it online is something I’m interested in massively. Let’s see what happens.


Ibiza 2012


So after last year’s insane trip to Ibiza it seemed only appropriate to head out again this year. With university having such a profound effect on everyone’s “home-time” schedule we also had problems arranging a holiday where most of us could get abroad together.

It ended up being 2 of us and we had the intention of meeting a couple friends and friends-of-a-friend out there. Pretty random but all would work out because in a place like Ibiza it always does. We’d booked ourselves into a 2* hotel that is renowned around the San Antonio area for being an absolute dive and dubbed “Pikey Park” after it’s real name “Pisces Park”. Add that to a Ryanair flight from Birmingham and we had ourselves a self-arranged holiday package for less than £300. Simply picked up a transfer at the other end and headed into the hotel absolutely shattered.  I didn’t get any sleep on the plane or in the day before heading out into San Antonio and straight up the West End feeling nothing but pure satisfaction that I was back on the White Isle.

Upon arrival back to the hotel after a swift few drinks in the Welsh bar (because we love a bit of home abroad) and a suggestion to get a safe and make sure we don’t get our doors kicked in. We also opted for the air con which required a €20 deposit and, shock horror, didn’t work. It was with that we moved rooms and lost our supposedly sea view room for a much better room that was slightly larger, had a better bathroom and a working air-con. Did we care? Not at all, as long as the room was cold enough to sleep in and we could leave our stuff there we were sorted. You don’t fly out to Ibiza to sit in a room.

That night there was only one option, hit Cream in Amnesia. A clubbing experience that’s been touted as one of the best since Cream started promoting in Ibiza. €50 entry, 2 of us heading there at about 1am and having an absolutely amazing time. A line-up that included Above & Beyond, Oliver Twizt, Laidback Luke, Gareth Emery and Gareth Wyn. Not only was it just Cream but they seemed to be running this “Super You & Me” night that involved absolutely massive Super-Hero balloons being hung up all over the club that added to the already sterling spectacle that Amnesia is so famous for. Not only was the music absolutely incredible but what better way to win a house loving nerd over than hand him a free cape and mask. Absolutely buzzing! So that’s the first night of the two of us in Ibiza and it was absolutely amazing. New found love for Oliver Twizt as well, epic electro-house DJ.

The next day our friend from home was arriving so we wanted to meet him. After arising at a ridiculous hour after the sun had probably been up for hours, getting into some swimming shorts and heading down to the newly opened Ocean Beach Club owned by Lineker’s bar owner, Wayne Lineker. This was such a cool place to chill albeit expensive, a lot nicer than the pool at the hotel and the DJ’s were rocking some awesome funky house to take it easy to. After meeting all the other boys my mate was meeting and finding out they were top guy’s we decided we’d meet them for a night out up the West End that night. When we got back to the hotel, I realised I had a similar wristband as all the people who were getting free drinks in the hotel and discovered we were actually all inclusive. This was awesome, it meant we didn’t have to spend as much on food and drink and we didn’t even pay for it, purely an administrative mistake that worked in our favour. That said across the holiday we didn’t really utilise it that much because let’s be honest, who wants to eat 2* hotel all inclusive food and drink Estrella. Heading up the West End that night was a great laugh but pretty standard in terms of what happened, as most West End nights are. That said, a lot of it had changed from last year, new clubs, bigger bars, changes of ownership etc. but it’s still a cool place.

The day after was a chilled one taking it easy and having food at the hotel, a little walk round San Antonio and then meeting the boys at their apartment and seeing what the deal was for the evening. We decided on watching the sun set over at Sun Set Strip and then heading back to the apartment for a few drinks before hitting Eden for Kisstory. I wasn’t too sure on the idea because I’m not massively into Kiss FM but it was actually class until this random lady who I’d never heard of came on,  practically killed the atmosphere because she had absolutely no idea how to get a crowd going. Very strange, but I quite like Eden. A lot of people give it a hard time because it’s not as super as the real super-clubs but it’s still a good laugh for a cheap night and Judgement Sunday is amazing in there.

Next came another day at Ocean Beach for HedKandi which made absolutely no difference to the day we went before. Honestly don’t know what the HedKandi promotion added to it, same funky-house, same saxophone player, same price. We then headed up for dinner and a few drinks before going back up the West End to Soul City. A cool club that’s absolutely huge compared to most of the bars on the strip, no entry-charge and some very heavy R&B beats. Not really my scene at all but it was so funny that night it was just untrue. It was also our pal’s last night so we thought we’d show him a good time and see him off rather than hit a big night that the boys couldn’t really afford.

Final night and we hit Space, the only other club that we hadn’t really hit on the Island between the two of us. Managed to blag tickets down to €30 at the office under the hotel and then headed over to Playa D’en Bossa for a bit of a dance. Unfortunately it wasn’t a massive night so Space wasn’t that good which I was gutted about but the best night for me would have been to go to see Carl Cox but he was on the day after we left. So gutted but it was still cool to see the club and have a little walk round Playa D’en Bossa. We then headed back up the West End in San Antonio for a final drink to say goodbye to the Island.

In the morning we had to be out of the hotel by 12 noon. Absolute joke, they must know absolutely nobody in Ibiza wants to leave at that time. Give us a break, even if you were the cheapest place in San Antonio! Needless to say the journey home was long but I was pretty impressed with the public transport in Ibiza. I mean €4 for a bus to the Airport across a pretty scenic route and had a decent set of stops. Dropping you right outside the terminal is an absolute bonus!

Anyway, Ibiza is an absolutely stunning island. Definitely one of my favourite places on earth and I can’t wait to return next year. That said, it’s going to be a long year in California and Thailand sounds ever more tempting! Still don’t think I want to miss a year on the White Isle though.



I am now on Pinterest!

Tim Ford on Pinterest
Tim Ford on Pinterest

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently joined Pinterest. I’ve not worked it out 100% understand of it yet. I’m sure I will get to grips with it pretty quickly however please excuse my lack of skills in terms of etiquette as I’m sure there are similar annoyances that you find with new users of Facebook and Twitter. I’ll let you know what I think of the service in due course however I feel it would be wrong to judge the social network without spending considerable time fiddling around with it!

If you’d like to follow me or check out any of my pins check me out here.

The Amazing Spiderman

When Spider-Man first met the big screen in 2002, it was Sony’s chance to put one of the biggest names in comics into the mainstream. 10 years later and they are trying again with The Amazing Spider-man.

Now for some strange reason the abomination that was Spider-Man 3 has 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. I decided to watch Spider-Man 3 again today just to see if it was as bad as I thought . It was. Maybe even worse. It’s not worth 30%. The problem with  the previous Spider-man series was that it wasn’t cool. Spider-Man is col and by cool I don’t mean “has a side fringe and dances round the street and gets a little aggressive”. No, Spider-Man is meant to be a witty crime-fighting  genius. I think in The Amazing Spider-man they have represented Spider-man the way he should of always been represented.

Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man extremely well, from the deeply emotional story of Peter Parkers misfortune to the intelligent yet funny Spider-Man. Whilst people will always compare Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire I would just suggest that Garfield played Spider-Man the way he always should of been played. Lets just all thank Sony and  for not including an emo photographer trying to be cool.

The “bad guy” in this film is played by Rhys Ifans, an absolutely amazing Welsh actor who has stared in many films such as Kevin and Perry Go Large, The Boat That Rocked and Twin Town. Playing a fellow scientist of Parker’s father who distanced himself from the Parker family after the death of Peter’s parents. His portrayal of the “bad-guy” is great and the development and his part in the story are fantastic.


IF your thinking of going to watch this in the Cinema, save yourself a few quid and go and watch the 2D version. You’d think that Spider-Man has potential to be a great watch in 3D but the truth is that there is absolutely no point in it. Like so many films that are churned out of Hollywood, not one part of Spider-Man needed 3D. Sure, there is a lot of potential for Spider-Man to be good in 3D, swinging through the streets of city and all that but a lot of this movie is focused on the story and the 3D adds absolutely nothing to it. If you want Spider-Man in 3D go to universal and get on the ride. That’s actually pretty good.

Thus far, it looks like the other reviewers of the world are on my side, this film is averaging 7+ in the film rankings at the moment and with good reason. Many have suggested that this film was released too early in succession to the previous series but it did need to be done and whilst it my seem like a cash cry, they’ve actually done a good job of it. Oh and one more thing, if your going to go and see it make sure you stay after the credits. Seriously, when are people actually going to realise that nearly every Marvel film has a hint at a sequel after the credits?