ITToolbox Major Assignment – Images and Photoshop

I have been given the task of learning how to use an image manipulation package such as photoshop or GIMP. I’ve chose photoshop because I already have it installed on my PC and I know how to use the software quite well. It also means I don’t have to deal with the insufferably monotonous install procedure for programs on a windows machine. This isn’t going to be a picaso, simply a few screen shots and comments showing that I know how to use image manipulation softare for my course.

This is the opening of a new image, from here you can chose the size of the image, the name you are going to save it under, the file types, colours and the majority of save settings. This creates the pre-set ready for your creations.

this is the use of the gradient tool, it creates a simple fade effect in the direction desired by the user, there are options as to how you would like the fade to go such as in a spiral, from the centre to the outside or multi directional. I chose the simple colour to colour fade and drew it vertically using black and whiteThis shows the paint brush menu (top right) there are various types of paintbrushes that can be used and the pressure of which the brush is pushed onto the canvas can be adjusted. There are also various types of shapes and styles.

This shows the base of the image, with a green combined T & F. Similarly to my current logo but a bit more rounded and freestyle.

The use of filters can allow vast manipulation of the basic photo and has a large number of options. These are included with the software and can be applied to various aspects of the image.

This is the image after being throw a number of filters and can be saved as a PNG to maintain quality for use on the desktop, it will also be saved in a slightly lower quality JPEG file to be uploaded to the internet so that it will load faster and reduce the strain on the server.





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