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Free software is widely available via the world wide web. Here is some brief inforamtion on such software:



Adium is an open source messenger app like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live messenger. It operates on the Mac OSX operating system and supports a large number of services including Google Talk, Yahoo, Windows Live and AIM.  The logo is incredible and the software is useful to those who




Ubuntu is an open source operating system. It’s one of the most widely used distributions of linux that uses only open source software. It uses the GNOME Desktop environment and has developed massively in the past few years. It’s users improve it and new versions are created all the time. Ubuntu has an absolutely amazing online community that help with any problems that you may have and you would never pay for it. It’s probably one of the best web forums I’ve ever used for support with anything let alone something as complex as an operating sytsem.



StarUML is modelling software used to create diagrams for software programmers and project planners. It’s useful for arranging projects and management. It is specifically for windows machines and does not have high system requirements. This is available on the university machines.


Handbrake is a video encoding program that can be used to rip DVD onto a computer for backup purposes. It’s useful because disks get scratched easily and you can always have a digital copy on a hard disk.


Notepad++ is an upgraded, open-source replacement for notepad that supports programming languages that operate in the microsoft windows environment. It’s useful for programming for the Java modules I have in university and useful to students because it’s free.


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