ITToolBox – The New Economy

The new economy refers to the change in the way content is published. It’s all about cutting out the middle man. It can also be known as “disintermediation”. Examples include websites like Amazon allowing people to publish books to their Kindle service without the need to go through a proper publisher such as Penguin Books.

A further example of this could be the use of software developers distributing their own software via the internet in terms of websites they have built. This is useful for the open source community and indie developers that are not parts of huge developing teams. There is no longer a need for a big publisher like microsoft to put the software on a disk and distribute it to shops. This saves the developer money as they wouldn’t have to pay a large amount to the publisher.

Another way the new economy has cut out the middle man is with online sales such as eBay, A person no longer needs to go to an auction house and auctioneer in order to sell their posessions they can simply do it online.

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