So, Ibiza 2011 was absolutely Incredible!

This time last year I would be enjoying my last two days in Magaluf, a renowned clubbing destination and party place in Spain. I was thinking of it as the best clubbing experience I’d ever had and not a lot could top it.

This year however, I made it to Ibiza, for 11 nights. I just can’t make out how much Ibiza is on another level to Magaluf. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Magaluf, I’d still go back there if I couldn’t get to Ibiza and the crowd I went with were awesome. It’s just a different scene all together and one, personally I don’t think is as good as Ibiza.

We squeezed a lot of things in to our 11 days but sunlight and sobering up we’re not involved in those “things”. I’d say the average time we made it back to the hotel each night was about 6am. The only time we made breakfast was the night we stayed out late enough to go straight there without going to sleep. I also failed to make it to the beach for the whole holiday.

We did go to many of the best clubbing nights in the world and did a package deal for the Zoo Project. The Zoo Project was didge, it’s an awesome concept, but if your not a pill head and wanna go, get absolutely smashed on the drink before you go and go early. Otherwise your just sat in an abandon Zoo wondering why your not having as much fun as everybody else. Pre-zoo we also had the Zoo Project boat, the first 20 minutes of which were probably some of the most awkward minutes I’ve ever lived as nobody had a clue what was going on and two women dressed in leopard print clothing just started dancing to the DJ’s chilled trance. Turned out it wasn’t the booze cruise everyone expected rather a chilled out boat with a bar. It was awesome though just because it’s nice to be out in the ocean chilling with a beer and not having to neck your beers at the demand of some gobby rep. We also stopped for a swim where we almost got stung the hell out of by Jellies but I got out just in time.

The other boat trip we did is one of my best memories of Ibiza. The Judgement Sundays pre-party boat. It was absolutely boiling when we got on and I just couldn’t wait for it to start moving to get the sea breeze and when it did it felt amazing. We had an hour of free drink of which our Thomas Cook rep kept topping up for us. It tasted like watered down orange squash with a bit of red wine in it, in other words, vile. But who am I to turn down a bit of free drink? Anyway the DJ on this boat was amazing and by about 30 minutes everyone was on the top of the deck going wild. The other thing that made this boat absolutely incredible is none other than Dirty Sanchez’ Pritchard was on the boat with us and he has to be the most approachable celebrity I’ve ever seen in my life. He made the boat so fun and is a proper crowd goer he made everyone buzzing and ripped it into this ugly kid who he was calling Rhonaldinho, it was absolutely hilarious. He’s off his head, he was trying to feed the gulls from his hands. The boat was also a sunset boat, the sunset was absolute manic, we had a count down and the DJ smashed out Adagio For Strings and everyone just went wild.

Post-boat, we went back to the hotel for a bit of pre-drinking and got absolutely off it before heading into Eden for Judgement Sundays and caught a bit of Judge Jules and a few other DJ’s that supported him. They were all amazing and it was buzzing in Eden and I would say that is a must go for anyone who’s going to Ibiza clubbing.

One of our most expensive nights in Ibiza was in the world famous, Pacha. This club is massive, in fact it’s huge but at the same time, it’s lush. It’s one of the nicest clubs I’ve ever been in and being just by Ibiza town, the posher part of Ibiza, you would expect it to be. Although with nice things comes big prices. We paid €67 entry which doesn’t seem that bad to me because we got to see All Gone Pete Tong and International Superstar Usher. Both of which were incredible and Usher’s stage remix of Yeah had me absolutely buzzing. I needed a bit of a pick me up after I had just spent €10 on a small glass bottle of Coca Cola and €14 on a small bottle of San Miguel.

11 of us went on this holiday. There were 7 girls and 4 boys and on one of the nights we decided to split because the females couldn’t handle the super clubs like us and didn’t enjoy them as much so we went to the biggest club in the world, Privilege. It wasn’t just because we were in the biggest club in the world that it was amazing, it also helped that it was full. Some people say privilege has a 13,500 person capacity now and that it was 10,000 a few years back but this place was packed and the best thing about it? The DJ. Tiesto of course. As a resident DJ his set is practically tailored to the club so you get the most amazing dance shows, laser and lighting and video experience you could get at any club anywhere else. If I ever go clubbing again and it lives up to Tiesto in Privilege I will be surprised although that said, just because it was the best night out I’ve ever had doesn’t mean I’m going to compare every night out to it, that could ruin my partying life!

The last big night we had in terms of super clubs and not the west end was at the Ibiza Rocks hotel where Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson were having some sort of DJ off. I went in with absolutely no knowledge of Zane Lowe and I never really clicked with Mark Ronson when he’s on buzzcocks but I though live he was actually pretty damn good albeit a bit odd. Anyway due to some gash rule of music not being allowed on after 12 at Ibiza rocks we had to make our way down to the Ibiza Rocks after party in Es Paradis which is the most stunning club in the entire world. It’s like some sort of heavenly garden or something it’s crazy! It made Pacha look tacky and that really is saying something.

The rest of the time we spent getting smashed up at the hotel, swimming in the pool and hitting the west end which is absolutely mad. I remember a lot of the strip in Magaluf but the West End is like three of the strip combined in to one massive drinkers paradise. We drank ridiculous amounts up there as you were getting 2x Triple Vodka Red Bull, 3x Shots of Peach Schnapps and 1x Jug of cocktail for €10. Messy it was.

Now I just can’t wait for my next trip to Ibiza, whether it be this year or next, it’s going to be mental and I’m going to blow at least £1500 spending money on it. BOOM.


Google+ plus

Google+ is the big G’s latest attempt at trying to gain a market share in the social networking market. Previously they’ve failed miserably with services like wave and buzz.

I’m going to start off by saying that Google+ is good. In fact, it’s the best attempt they’ve had at making a social tool yet. The other thing about it that’s got huge potential is that it has little bugs and it’s only in beta stage. Bug’s may come with scale but to me, bugs is one of the main problems with FaceBook and that’s why I hate it half the time.

Google have taken a clever approach with sharing using something called circles (essentially groups of friends), using circles you will be able to share specific content to specific people. For example, you may have some photo’s of a family BBQ you went too recently, something your work colleagues and drinking buddies couldn’t care less about, the solution? according to Google, you should just share them with your family circle. It makes a lot of sense.

There’s another thing I like about Google+. It’s clean, easy to use, good looking interface is great. It’s easy on the eyes, there’s not stupidly bright colours kicking off with my brain and everything shows up where you would expect it too. The first thing almost all tech bloggers started to say was that it looked like Facebook. Well, yes. Yes it does. That’s fine though, because Facebook’s layout isn’t wrong, and if twitter had more features then it would probably add a third column to it’s website too. It just makes sense and is appropriate to the task.

There are other features such as hangout and chat that allow you to video call and chat with your circles of friends. A great feature if you have any friends that you can actually convince to shift from a social network that already works, albeit in a buggy, annoying manor.

There’s also the problem of actually being able to invite people to Google+. It started out in a very Gmail-style way in which you could only invite people to the service and they couldn’t just sign up. I managed to bag an early invite an hour or so after the launch from someone on twitter but soon after I signed up Google decided they would close the sign up process. They did this because of the closed nature of the beta program although people are speculating that it is to do with building up some press and attention for people that want to get on to the service and can’t. Technically, even if I did have people that would talk to me on Google+ and actually sign up, I couldn’t invite them anyway. That to me suggests a social network that can’t involve and social. No friends, I might as well step back to being 13 and spending my entire life in my room with the curtains shut fiddling with the clock speeds of my CPU.

I don’t know where Google is going with the sign up process to Google+ but having a bit of exclusivity sure will help it with the “cool factor” but if they keep it too locked down then they are going to put people off for ever. The website is looking good, it’s got potential but it needs something big to convince people to move over from Facebook and with privacy being Facebook’s main problem and Google being a search engine company who does probably more data mining than any business in the world it may be hard to convince people to make the shift.