I want a Cybertecture Mirror

Watch this video and then think about what you’ve actually just seen. Doesn’t it look like a concept? One of those wacky designs that show up in the newspaper once in a while because the journo’s have actually run out of real things to write about. Well, the Cybertecture mirror actually exists and isn’t a concept. It costs around £5000 for just one, which seems a bit steep for a mirror but look what it does. It’s absolutely incredible and it serves a purpose. I honestly would love one in every single room in my house.
But it’s not just what this mirror is made of, or what it costs. It’s what it means. This really does show that in the future, our houses are going to have more appliances than ever before and things that weren’t digitally connected before, will be. If you’ve ever touched on home automation or been in a so-called “smart house”, you might be fully aware of what the average house will be like in the near future and products like this make it all so much more exciting. Home automation software integrated into this mirror would also be awesome, I mean it supports applications, so why shouldn’t someone be able to start the kettle before they brush their teeth and check their emails in the bathroom?

Fast 5

Fast and Furious 5 - Fast 5 - Rock vs Vin Diesel

I always loved the fast and furious films for many reasons, I guess one of the main reasons is it’s like someone looked at an FHM magazine and then looked at a typical American crime film and thought let’s make a movie.
I also absolutely love massively chavvy done up cars that most people think look ridiculous. In fact, I would very much like a purple Mitsubishi Evo with a kitted out engine, body kit and yes, even the neons. I absolutely love them, no matter how much they get criticized. That said my interest in cars is all over the place, I’d quite happily drive a 7 series whilst wearing a pin-stripe suit, something that’s probably a little bit less frowned upon than driving a done up ‘boy racer’ car round the UK.
Anyway so I went to see the 5th iteration of the Fast and Furious films and in all honesty, I was feeling rather skeptical. Skeptical that making yet another film would be a silly idea because it could ruin a good series. I was wrong. It was awesome, the story was the same old, same old, doing jobs here and there, getting in trouble and then somehow getting there way out of trouble but it’s the action scenes and the cunning ways of the drivers that makes me keep coming back for more. Not only this, there was a fight between ‘The Rock’ and Vin Diesel in this film, you can’t really ask for much more than that in a film of this sort.
One day, I will have a properly tuned up car like the ones featured in this film, I’m sure of it. So long as I have a nice sensible car to take on normal drives. Doubt I’ll ever be as big as Vin Diesel or The Rock though. Good film, go watch it if you legible to eat a Yorkie.

Going Premium on Spotify, Then Getting really annoyed by restrictions that don’t effect me.



I went premium on Spotify, but now they’ve annoyed me. I pay £10 a month and recommend the service to loads of people because it was awesome, even with the 20 hour cap it was awesome, the reason I had to go premium was because I had to have my music on my phone and I thought Spotify would be a good solution for this however now I struggle to recommend the software to anyone because of the cuts. 10 hours would have been so-so, but a 5 play limit for each song is outrageous. It almost deems peoples playlists irrelevant which is sort of going against the who point of spotify. I probably wouldn’t of signed up if I hadn’t had such a great experience with the free version before but now I would probably just buy my music on iTunes or make a playlist on YouTube.

Spotify has had problems for ages now along the lines of lacking in some music, I mean the best selling album for weeks now, 21 by Adele, is still not available even to premium customers. That’s not good enough, I shouldn’t have to pay £10 a month and when I want to listen to an album that hasn’t been put on Spotify have to go and buy it. The main reason I went premium and believed I could justify it is that I already spend way over £120 on music a year, but that music I would own and it would be mine to do what I want with however with spotify, I don’t own any of it, I own the right to play it whenever I want, ad-free, offline or on my mobile. It’s just like owning it however if I stop paying £10 a month, I lose it all where as if I stop buying CD’s or MP3’s the ones I have don’t simply disappear. A huge downfall I would say however streaming services are considered the future and it may just do, it’s more suitable to me than it may be for some people purely because my taste in music changes so often I might buy an album and only listen to it once and then completely disregard it. A poor move on the new restrictions and get the music I want to listen to and get it online as soon as I want it otherwise I’ll cancel and buy every song that I have in my playlists and create them in iTunes.

It’s even more annoying that seeing as I can’t really suggest the service to anyone, I can’t make much use of the social feature, something that I really liked about Spotify, and if less people are recommending, then there are less potential premium customers, which means less money for Spotify, which means there is less chance of me getting all the music I need into my playlists. Sort it out Spotify.

I’m on instagram!

instagram logoI’m not usually up for joining the up and coming social networks now because I just don’t think they can compare to the big guns like facebook and twitter. Instagram, however, was one of the few apps that showed up in the apps store with a decent rating and I’ve read things about it all over the internet.
It’s a pretty cool app but it doesn’t have anywhere near a big enough user base yet. For these exact reasons I’ve had to have it send all my pictures to twitter rather than just leave them there in instagram. I think of it more like yfrog it twitpic now but you can use those cool filters that everyone’s raving about.
I have absolutely no idea how you’d go about following me but I can only assume if you have me on twitter or facebook it shouldn’t be too hard. Otherwise it’s bound to be @Tim4rd or Tim4rd.

Coca-Cola freestyle has to come to the UK!

Coca cola freestyle machine vendorWhat you can see above, is three of Coca-Cola’s Freestyle vending machines that are starting to be rolled out in the US to various fast food restaurants and takeaways. Now it may just look like a slightly deformed coca-cola machine on legs with a touch screen and a fancy dispenser but it’s actually a lot more than that.
The drinks that this thing dispenses are beyond anything any vending machine has ever had before. You know in those films like “Back to the future” where they have small things in packets that become big things like burgers or meals. This sort of reminds of them, because it has 106 different fizzy and non-fizzy drinks inside it. It has around 8 flavors of Fanta and Coke inside it. That’s crazy, it even has Coca-Cola with Vanilla and Coke with Lime in it. It’s incredible and I want one now, I want one at work, I want people to be able to say can I have a grape fanta. Honestly this has to be the future of drinks dispensers. It uses a special technology called microdispensing which is apparently also used in the drug industry but the fact of the matter is it’s awesome. It even has Peach Dasani, that means you could have like a perfectly clear tasting drink with your subway, the possibilites are endless and awesome. I just need one at my local McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Spar, Pub and Newsagent ASAP.

iOS needs a universal Twitter API

twitter iphone application

Twitter has it’s apps. I myself use the official Twitter app for the iPhone for the majority of my tweets. However, people use twitter for  sharing tweets that are pre-defined with things like foursquare to state your location and show a little map or a game to tell people how your high score is rather good for once.
The problem I have at the moment is that no matter what application I’m in, if I want to send a tweet I have to log in. Something I really don’t see the point in if I have a permanent log in on my twitter app. The same goes for facebook, loads of apps intergrate with facebook but everytime you get a new one you have to log in despite the fact your already logged in on an app that saves your log in details. Yes, fair enough, the chances are in each app you download you probably only have to log in once and it saves it in that one too however I have well over fifty apps and to integrate my facebook and twitter with all of them I would of essentially typed in the same set of data 100 times for absolutely no reason because I’m already logged in on the platforms relative applications.
If Apple were to build a universal API for social networking into iOS and make the platform of iPhone more “social” then there would be no need for this. Somewhere in your settings you should be able to log in to facebook and twitter and have the phone remember your login details so developers can access them for each app. Obviously they would still have to ask for publishing rights to your wall/twitter feed but that’s fine, a tick box is easier than my full email/username and passwords.
It sounds very lazy, but the whole point of technology and software is to make our lives easier and if people didn’t strive to make it easier and easier for users then we probably would still be writing multiple copies of books by hand.
Hopefully this will be in iOS5 but there’s no guarantees. I don’t think even jailbreaking can sort this one out as people would have to bring in code from jailbroken apps into app store apps and with Apple’s incredibly strict app ecosystem there’s pretty much no chance.