Converse all stars


I’ve had a few pairs of converse all stars over the years but I’ve finally bought a new pair. In the original colour, original style and they are official converses too. None of this knock-off nonsense!
They are actually incredibly comfy and wrap round my feet so well. My only gripe about them would be the laces, I hate doing laces up. If it were up to me Velcro would be on everything and wouldn’t be frowned upon but ah well. I’ll just lace them up because they look so good and you can wear them with literally anything.

How depressing are the results for being depressed on Bing!

I don’t know how I ended up searching for “I’m depressed” because I’m not. I’m just in a bad mood.  In fact, no, I’m not. I was. Briefly, but now I’m fine and I looked at these results and thought they were a tad on the depressing side.

Depressing search results are depressing

As you can see from the search above, I had a look at some of the pages just to see what was what because I’m human and that’s what we do but I really couldn’t bring myself to read the Depression Blog! At least I know that my rants and blog posts aren’t the most depressing thing on the internet though!

P.S. I’m not trying to make a joke out of people who genuine search for this, to you guy’s I feel for you, it can’t be nice to be depressed but I wouldn’t exactly recommend the internet. I’m no expert but I can’t imagine a depressed person going online and interacting with a bunch of other depressed people who discuss how depressed they are is going to be that uplifting. There’s probably even a depression forum out there somewhere D-:


iPhone 3GS broke, iPhone 4 purchased.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB

I have been in two minds about the iPhone 4 for a long time. Whether it was worth me buying one has been something I’ve been pondering since it was announced but my iPhone 3GS finally gave way and died the other day so I sent it off to Mazuma, they sent me a check for £202 as a “working device” because the majority of it was working and I paid it in and ordered an iPhone 4 for £440. In effect I’ve only spent £238 on it because the check I received for the old phone is for something I never paid for in the first place and seeing as I can sell my iPhone 4 to Mazuma for £290 in working condition, I’ll be making some money off it no matter what.
Some people might suggest that what I’m doing is crazy with WWDC just around the corner and a potential announcement of an iPhone 5 (to much speculation at the moment) but I also have an upgrade on the contract just round the corner so if it does come out I’ll be getting one of them as well.
I’m thrilled to bits with this new iPhone 4 and I was surprised at how much I actually liked it after how much I’ve slated it for the past few months however I am slightly annoyed at Apple, once again. I am now well and truly locked into their eco-system. There is absolutely no way out for my digital media and phones. I have all my music in iTunes, I have all my photo’s in iPhoto, my contacts and mail in the standard mac apps and all the apps I have purchased will only work on iOS (obviously) so it would be stupid for me to move to another platform. It would cost a fortune and the implementation of my services would not be as easy to do.
I’m not giving up on Windows though, it’s one of my main sources of income although for now it looks like my digital media life will be secured on Apple products. I’m sure I’ll find some uses for my Windows desktop, it’s always going to be a lot better than my mac at gaming, it’s always going to be a lot more powerful than mac’s I buy because it’s cheaper to build an awesomely powerful PC than it is to buy an Apple equivalent.

What the hell happened to Joe (Morgan Freeman) in RED?

RED - Retired and Extremely Dangerous - Morgan FreemanIn the image above we see Morgan Freeman playing Joe in the film RED. I watched it today for the first time and where as it’s an epic film, there is one thing I can’t quite work out.  Morgan Freeman goes missing. After the scene pictured about where he interrogates that “bad man” and then goes out the front pretending to be Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and supposedly gets shot but then for the rest of the film you don’t see a peep of him. His friends don’t even seem to take any notice of the fact that he had disappeared. This is so annoying, I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything and the scenes haven’t been skipped, the blu-ray disk is intact and it came straight from LOVEFiLM today.

Shame on you retired people for ditching possibly one of the coolest people in the world.

Facebook should never have a dislike button

Facebook Dislike button

You know what some people say, they say that it’s kind of obvious that there should be a dislike button if there is a like button on Facebook. To those people, I would like you to think about why there isn’t a dislike button. It’s certainly not down to code complexities, that’s just as simple as a like button, it’s not down to Facebook execs just being naive either.
Facebook has many problems at the moment, it has from the start and there are always solutions but one of the things that the Facebook team can’t control is your emotions or your willingness to share your miserable and painfully upsetting life with the world. This is one of the things that annoys me most about Facebook and probably one of the reasons I rarely post on other peoples statuses unless it’s a positive one.
I don’t know about you but I can’t stand people spreading there emotions over the internet. It’s ridiculous. An opinion fair enough, if you’ve don’t like something, fair enough, tell everyone and they can prove you wrong or agree with you. However, if you’ve been told something that you don’t like, I don’t know something like somebody not liking you or you’ve had an argument with someone you like, don’t spread the word on the internet, don’t tell me about it and don’t look for sympathy through a social networking site. It’s pathetic.
Too often, I log on to the book and in my feed someone has put one of the following statuses:

  • =(
  • I just don’t know what to do anymore
  • Some people really do my head in
  • Fml

My message to those sorts of people, that put those sorts of things online is this. You are doing the internet wrong. You’ve got it all wrong. Facebook shouldn’t implement a dislike button because it will encourage people to put miserable things on Facebook for a bit of sympathy in the form of 10 dislikes from people who are pretending to care.
If you are upset, you can use your phone, you can text someone, you can even hit chat and do things privately on Facebook. People who put things public are doing it for one reason, sympathy and attention and it does my head in.

Please Facebook, never implement a dislike button.

Apples products are not innovations, they contain them.

It drives me absolutely wild when people say things like the iPod was the first MP3 player or the iPhone was the first touchscreen phone. The majority of products that Apple make and have made already existed, in some cases years and years before even Apple even touched them.

I’m going to write about all of the Apple products that I’ve heard are innovations that really just aren’t, they are improvements on existing products, sometimes taken mainstream through clever marketing and understanding what the consumer wants (or doesn’t).

The iPod and iTunes

Above is a picture of one the first iPod’s ever created and released to the general public, you’d be silly to suggest that Apple and the iPod hasn’t changed the music industry because it really has. The iPod was first announced in october 2001. The first MP3 player on the other hand was released in 1998 and they had existed in many different forms before the iPod was released to the general public.
Apple did what the other MP3 players didn’t and made them better by bundling them with iTunes. The killer, simple to use music management software that trumped most of the current software at the time. It made it easy to manage music and when the iTunes Store was up and running somewhere to buy content for the new device as well.
The MP3 player was in circulation way before the iPod existed yet the common misconception is that the iPod was the first MP3 Player, some people may even be nieve enough to believe there are other MP3 devices on the market today.
The iPod and iTunes changed the music industry, there is no doubt about that but it wasn’t the first of it’s kind. It was the best of it’s kind at the time. It’s series is still selling and iPods are definitely the most popular music devices ever made and most likely will be for a long time to come but taking a product that already exists and making it better isn’t innovation. The iPod has innovative features such as the click wheel and the easy to navigate user interface but the product in itself was not going into a non-existent market.

The iPad

Another product that is considered an innovative product in a new market by many however, the iPad is a tablet computer, there is no two way about that. It’s a computational device based on a touchscreen interface. How on earth people believe this is a brand new innovation from Apple is beyond me, the mail man has been asking me to sign his tablet PC for absolutely ages and way before the iPad was even announced.
The iPad probably defines the category for tablet computers today and competitors are quickly trying to release products to beat it such as Motorola’s Xoom or Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs. The market has changed for tablet computers now, it’s not just for people in suits on the move or for courier staff.
What Apple did with the iPad is take a product, apply their knowledge and software from the iPhone and make the tablet computer a more consumer focused product whilst still having the ability to appeal to business customers. Whether it does the business stuff as well as other devices is questionable, especially with the heavy restrictions Apple imposes on it’s developing environment.

The All-In-One Computer (iMac)

Some would have you believe that Apple were being very innovative when they shoved a bunch of computer hardware in with a monitor and called it an iMac. In fact some would have believe that they were the first people to make a computer which was all packaged into one handy box.
I don’t get where this one came from because the majority of old computers were sold as an all-in-one unit with the screen attached to the tower or as part of it way before the imac was created. In fact some of the old Amstrad machines were all-in-one personal computers.
I don’t deny that the iMacs are beautiful, category defining products. Just like the iPad, Apple lead in their category purely because they make the best product in it’s particular category. Although saying that, Apple did not create the All-in-one PC and there are many others being manufactured by other vendors today by the likes of Sony and MSI.

Touch Screen Phones

Why on earth do people think that Apple invented the touch screen phone? It’s completely beyond me. There were touch screen phones available everywhere long before the iPhone. What Apple did with the iPhone is take the rather dreadful touchscreen experience that most people were getting with touch screen phones and overhaul it with their very own operating system, a usable multi-touch keyboard and a finger friendly OS with a decent sized screen to display information.
I use an iPhone 3GS, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had (Despite being on my 8th due to failures) and it really is a product that defines it’s category again. Apple took the touch screen phone, in fact, Apple took mobile phones and made them better than any other company had before and it scared the hell out of the rest of the industry and so it should of.

Wrap up

I’m not against people loving Apple’s products at all, I myself own an iPhone, a couple iPods and a MacBook Pro. I don’t doubt that some of the products have very innovative aspects about them, the multi-touch gestures that Apple hold patents on are critical evidence of that however this common misconception that all their products were the first of their type is incredibly infuriating and I can’t deal with it when people are completely misinformed about such matters. Maybe that’s because I’m a pedantic weirdo or maybe it’s because people argue points when they don’t have a leg to stand on or any information to back up their claims.
The company has some very innovative aspects to their model. Such as calling technical support and hardware repairmen “geniuses” and having a very strange meeting model. The core products that I have mentioned above have innovative features about them but as a product, the general product was not the first of it’s type in any case. Apple just have the amazing ability to judge what the consumer wants, provide it, charge a premium for it and do it better than nearly every other business can.

Will I buy a 3DS and then regret it?

I know for sure that I’m not the only person who, pretty soon got bored of their Nintendo Wii. I then stuck to my hardcore games on consoles such as the PS3 and on my PC using steam account and I’m wondering whether it will be the same with the 3DS.
Nintendo have always made really charming products that catch the eye of the consumer really well and I’m getting the same vibe from this new dual-screened portable. I wonder if it’s main selling point is the 3D screen though, and if that’s the case I could probably stick to my busted up DS Lite that I bought from the states years ago. What I’m finding hard to comprehend is whether I will use it, I know I want it but it’s not cheap, £200 really is quite a lot for a handheld gaming console, especially seeing as how fast Nintendo release new revisions of their products, there were how many DS consoles? Well there was the original, the lite, the DSi, the DSi XL all in the space of 4 years. That’s a revision a year for a console which is essentially the same and people are expecting consoles to last longer and longer nowadays with the assistance of software updates. I’m pretty sure the PS3’s full power hasn’t been properly utilised yet.
I’m still pondering the 3DS, I’m almost certain I’ll end up getting one but I’m starting to wonder whether I’ll regret it after a few months as it might just become that device you take on the aeroplane or train. I would of said in the car but the majority of the time it seems I’m driving so their is no hope of me being able to kick back and play Nintendo in the car anytime soon.

Charlie Sheen “Wins” with Auto-Tune


Take a look at the video above and you will see one of the internets latest celebrity sensations as Charlie Sheen, the star of the hit American TV Show, two and a half men. This isn’t the original interview that Charlie Sheen did with an American news station though, that would of been absolutely epic however this was auto-tuned by a YouTube user called Schmoyoho who has close links with BarelyPolitical.
At the time of writing this video has amassed 13 million views which isn’t bad at all even by Charlie Sheen’s standards considering his huge fame and Guinness world record for most twitter followers in 24 hours after he decided to go viral after his TV show was axed.
Schmoyoho has done lots of Auto-tuned celebrity remixes in the past but what makes his videos so good is that he doesn’t try and hide anything about what he’s doing. It’s not like artists in a studio, it’s post production for fun and not for sales or anything like that. It’s just great fun, check out the video or head over to youtube and type in schmoyoho.

Re-launch of the Kings Head Hotel – Usk, website

I was having a few words with my boss at the pub and he wanted to add some new pages to the old website that I had put together for the Kings Head Hotel in Usk. The decision was passed that the old website could be abandoned and a new website should be created to make the website more accessible and have a clearer interface than the current website.
The new website is a much cleaner interface and has the mixture of modern web design with the fantastic “old world charm” that the Kings Head Hotel is so well known for. It was a problem that I needed to tackle when designing this website as I feel, if you don’t get the balance quite right it can just lead to an incredibly ugly website and put customers off.
The new website is actually based on WordPress, similar to this website that you are reading right now, however, is actually a blog which is what WordPress was designed for, as a publishing platform for bloggers and internet journalists. The Kings Head Hotel’s website does not use the blog section of the WordPress platform heavily featured because it’s designed with pages rather than periodically posted pieces of information.
I decided to design the new website in WordPress because of the incredible features the platform provides and the excellent community and plug-ins available to the platform including search-engine-optimisation tools and analytical information on demographics and visitors.

Please head over to to give it a visit 😀

I wish I was Cheltenham Festival!

I’ve only been catching glimpses of it on television on channel 4 racing here and there but I absolutely love the races. I’m a regular at Chepstow racecourse and the excitement I get when I’m at the races is awesome but that’s just a Chepstow, I don’t know whether I could contain my excitement at Cheltenham though I’d probably end up going absolutely crazy.
I wonder how people get to the bookies at Cheltenham though, from what I’ve seen there are thousands of people there and the bookies are busy at Chepstow at the quietest of times let alone when it’s busy so I really can’t imagine what it’s like. Good job I do most my bets online or on my phone now.
For now, channel 4 doesn’t quite cut it. Atmosphere in the living room with just me and the dog isn’t exactly great. I should probably invest in some tweed clothing before I go to the next races day.