My new wheels

Tim Ford Toyota iQ

A Toyota iQ with an automatic gear box and an engine smaller than a lot of motorbikes. I’ve got this car temporarily until my Punto is fixed.
I’ve been driving the Toyota iQ for just over a day now and having never driven a car as small as this and never driven an auto before it took a while to adjust to. I’ve got used to it now and it’s actually quite fun to drive. It feels quicker than it actually is and with the dedicated sport mode it actually accelerates quite fast.
Not sure I’ll ever be able to fit more than one passenger in it though because there is hardly room to fit any legs behind my chair and I’m still pretty close to the pedals. It also doesn’t have a glove compartment which I assume is to save space but there has been quite a few times already when I thought it could do with one. There is also no key slot, if your in the car and you have the key then the car will start. It’s a very strange feeling just pressing a button and having the car just go.
It also keeps popping up with a little eco logo which I can only assume is telling me I’m not driving economically enough which is slightly annoying because I don’t really care.
I’m also not sure about the looks of this car. As long as it’s not a Prius I’ll drive it but the iQ looks far too modern in today’s world. It looks like a little car of the future and because people aren’t used to seeing cars like this they laugh and dislike. Everyone knows people don’t like change and because of this people don’t like the look of this little thing. I can’t say I’m overly fussed on it’s styling. If I’m honest I think I prefer the look of my much older and aggressive looking Punto MK2.

Instruction Manuals

Since purchasing my new DSLR camera I have spent quite a lot of time diving in and out of the instruction manual. I can’t say I did the same with my digital photo frame that I also recently acquired. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever actually looked at the instruction manual for any electronics purchase I’ve made in the past five years.
There is a perfectly justifiable reason for this. They tend to be absolutely pathetic showing the barebones instructions that were probably thrown together last minute before being printed millions of times and shoved in with the product. I can understand why people would do this with simpler products like a desk lamp but even computers don’t come with informative manuals.
This however is not the case for the Canon Rebel T2i/550D manual. It’s actually fantastic, it points out every single feature that the camera has as well as giving shooting tips and telling you when you would use certain settings in certain situations. It even explains some of the vast amounts of photography jargon. I’m impressed with this manual. Good Canon.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

I’ve only ever owned one Guitar Hero game before now and that was the third one for the Nintendo Wii and I absolutely loved it. It was great fun, the set list was awesome and it was all a bit new to me at the time but now theres this new and improved game for the PlayStation 3 that I’ve managed to lay my hands on.
Firstly the Guitar it comes with is way better than the ugly, white gibson that came with the third iteration of the game. It’s a bit awkward to hold but as soon as I got used to it I was jamming out wicked cool solos like never before and with every song I completed reminding me how much I rock it was perfect for a long virtual jam.
The set list didn’t have many songs that I actually knew unfortunately but I think I might be able to get on the store and buy some songs I like and want to “play”. The odd ones here and there that I did know were good fun but I can’t seem to get my head around the difficulty levels, they seem to vary in a very strange way almost less structured than they were on the third game.
The game also seems to of got a bit more visual, that could be something to do with the fact that the last game I actually played was on the Wii and every circle looked square and the people didn’t look human due to the terrible graphics capabilities of the Wii. Not sure if it’s all a little distracting but maybe that is part of the game.
There is also an absolutely crazy career mode where your trying to transform some weirdos into even bigger weirdos. Not sure if I really got the gist of it but I’ll get on with it for now, it is absolutely insane mind.

Finally beat OvenBreak!

After playing OvenBreak for what can only be considered as far too long today I finally beat the hard mode and have unlocked the ever lasting level which is dubbed crazy mode which I doubt I’ll spend much time playing it anymore though it’s been doing my head in for far too long.

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow

It’s been snowing for about 11 hours now today and it doesn’t really show many signs of stopping with lots of white cloud above. I find it absolute hilarious that the whole of Wales has come to stand still but it has been annoying in some ways. I mean tonight I’ve had a party cancelled in Cardiff because the club had been shut which has ruined my plans so now we are just going for a pub meal and a few drinks there. I also haven’t been able to take the camera out as I don’t really have any weather proofing for it and it’s just too bad out there to actually get any good shots. Shame really but I guess there isn’t a lot anyone can do about it. Will just have to wait for it all to blow over.


I have had the OvenBreak game for a while now and whilst completing the easy mode was not a problem the next level to be unlocked, hard, is absolutely ridiculous. I might even go as far to say it’s one of the most challenging levels of a game I’ve ever played and that’s saying something having gone though just about every Mario game in existence. The game which sees you as a gingerbread man trying to escape from an oven before being burned to death by running, jumping and using his candy cane to latch on to randomly placed chandeliers is definitely one of the most infuriating games I’ve played this year and I can’t stop playing it. It’s like a vicious circle in which my determination to beat it ends up in me getting stressed out and concentrating less. I will beat it though, it has to be done.

Lens Hero Launches

What better time for me to stumble upon this website. Just as I purchased my brand new Rebel T2i/550D, Snapsort release the website dedicated to the comparison of DSLR lenses. The features are pretty simple, you select a budget, tell them your camera and the lenses you already own and then finally chose what type of lens you want to buy. Whether that be for taking macro shots or sweeping landscape shots the website is so easy to use and I’m 100% sure it will have a huge influence on how I’ll find the next lens that I buy for my favourite new gadget.

Every Bloody Year

Annoying Lanterns

These pesky little Christmas lights do my absolute head in every December. I’m pretty sure every time I’ve taken them down I have ensured they go back into the bag in a way that would allow me to take them back out without having to spend hours detangling them.
Literally just got in after about an hour stood in the freezing cold trying to get them on to the tree out the front and the biggest problem is no matter how I put them on they still look terrible.

Canon Rebel T2i/550D

I’ve been meaning to buy a DSLR for a long time now but I finally decided to invest in a Canon Rebel T2i and I’m now starting to learn what real photography is about rather than just using my old point and shoot Panasonic Lumix TZ-5 (not to say that wasn’t a great camera). I’ve been snapping away for about 2 days now and I absolutely love it. I think it’s great fun to use and I even went for a walk today to get some snaps in the snowy woods up the road.
It’s going to be an expensive hobby though, I’ve already spent a fair amount on the camera and I already want another lens that will have a good zoom as well as wanting a macro lens because I find macro photography absolutely fascinating.
Still on the absolutely huge learning curve at the moment though and have every intention of learning more and more about it and how to improve my pictures. Not exactly sure if I will ever specify what particular aspects of photography I will do but for now I’ll just take pictures of what I want and when I want to.